Clash Royale - Card Evolution Reveal

Really happy to share this project I have worked on with Axis Studios, in collaboration with Supercell, for the new Card Evolution trailer for Clash Royale.

For this project I had the opportunity to work on various characters adapting models and textures from client to our pipeline, like the Firecracker red/blue version and Royal giant red/blue version :) I worked as well on the modeling of the supercharged version of the Firecrakcer as well as her surfacing and had the chance to model one of the awesome rocker barbarians (Surfacing by Sebastian Deredas💖) . I also worked as a supporting modeling lead along with the great Alex Stratulat.

Thanks to the team for a really amazing project 🥰 and to Piotr Nowacki for being an amazing surfacing lead!

Full credits:

September 25, 2023