Magic: The Gathering - Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion (Official Cinematic Trailer) - Ajani

Super happy to share another amazing and challeging project :D
The cinematic trailer "Magic: The Gathering, Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion" with Axis Studios.

I was part of the team that created Ajani, responsible for the modeling, texturing and shading. Awesome concept sculpt for the head done by Amy Ash and scars added to the chest and arms by Marceli Guziewicz as well as helping me with some final tweaks on the modeling ^^. Veronika Vajdova helped me as well with some shading/texturing on the mouth :D

The amazing groom, which without it Ajani wouldn't be so awesome, has been done by:
- Elena Distefano (focused on the face)
- Linda Dussine (focused on the body)
- and Camille Fourniols (focused on the braids and amazing groom lead ^.^)

Axe modeling by Marceli Guziewicz, texturing/shading by Veronika Vajdova and groom by Cecilia Bermejo.

Thanks to Piotr Orlisnki for being an amazing Surfacing Lead :D and Camille Fourniols for being an awesome Creature Supervisor!
Thanks too to Lead rigging TDs Viktor Fillo and Fiona Lynch for the amazing work on Ajani's facial rig ^.^
And thanks to the whole team for the massive effort on this one, it turned out incredible!

Full credits here:

February 10, 2023