Magic: The Gathering - March of the Machine (Official Cinematic Trailer) - Squids

Really happy to share another cool project! The cinematic trailer "Magic: The Gathering - March of the Machine" with Axist Studios.

I was responsible for the modeling of both versions of the Squids. Base sculpt of the normal Squid was provided by the client. I was responsible for cleaning up the model and creating new topology ready for animation as well as upresing any necessary detail and reworking the legs middle structure to be more functional in animation. Adjusted and sculpted/modeled new pieces to the model to create the Scorpion version of the Squid. I also worked on the final surfacing pass of the normal Squid (main surfacing by Carl Forsberg) as well as transferring and modifying these for the Scorpion version. And finally I also had the opportunity to create a low poly version of the normal squid as well as transferring the textures/shaders to have a lighter version for the background squids.

Thanks to Piotr Nowacki and Alex Stratulat for being amazing Leads as always ^.^
And thanks and congrats to the whole team for creating such an amazing piece!

Carl Forsberg:

Full credits here:

May 17, 2023