Palia - Cinematic Trailer - Eshe, Jel and Chapaa

Really happy to finally share a really amazing and beautiful project I have worked on with Axis Studios for Singularity 6 :)

I was responsible for the modeling of Jel and Eshe as well as some final modeling tweaks on Chapaa (Chapaa's initial modeling by Alex Stratulat :) ). I also had the pleasure to do the texturing and shading of Eshe (final shading tweaks by Carlo Kasongo :) ).

- Shading: Hamish Mitchell
- Texturing: Csaba Baity
- Groom: Linda Dussine

- Groom: Vinicius Tokue
- Shading: Carl Forsberg
- Texturing: Miki Bencz

- Groom: Elena Distefano, Camille Fourniols

Thanks to Ekaterina Pushkarova and Carlo Kasongo for being awesome Leads <3
Congrats to the whole team for creating such a lovely and colourful piece!

Full credits here:

August 10, 2023